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Process from ordering to final analysis

After ordering and obtaining the samples, they are processed immediately. For this, the amino acids are derivatized with the self-produced pure fluorescent compound, 6-aminoquinolyl-N-hydroxy-succinimidylcarbamate (AQC). Subsequently, prepared samples are loaded for individual separation on an ultra-pressure reversed-phase chromatography (UPLC). The desired amino acids are separated and detected via a fluorescence detector. The analysis is completed within 6 minutes. The chemical reaction of the derivatization can be monitored in the "chemical process". The quality and reliability of detected amino acids is checked by means of individual standards with a defined concentration and the final concentration of each amino acid is determined.

chemical process

Advantages of our services

  • Fast analysis for 6 minutes
  • The need for little sample material (5-10 mg dry weight or 25-50 mg fresh weight or less amount of other tissues)
  • High sensitivity up to low picomol scale
  • Analysis of 20 to 25 individual amino acids
  • Comprehensive report, support and analysis of the customer's desired amino acids on request
sample preparation 10 € up to 50 sample*
8 € up to 100 sample*
6 € up to 100 sample*
analysis 60 € up to 50 sample*
55 € up to 100 sample*
50 € up to 100 sample*
derivatization kit for 250 samples 420 €
Eluent A/I**115 €
Eluent B/I*85 €
test kit (special price)49 €

Service for amino acid measurements

  • Support of the analysis process from sample preparation to analysis and evaluation in your laboratory
  • Support in practice with advice and action
  • Telephone customer support. We take care of your request
  • On-site training or in-house training