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Derivatization kit for amino acid analysis

We offer our convenient and easy-to-use analysis test as a complete kit with reasonable price and highest purity that allows our customers to independently analyse the sample material in their laboratory, saving time and money.

Our derivatization kit allows our customers to analyse minimum 250 samples. Another development from our company offers you optionally our Eluent A and Eluent B method, which can be purchased in combination with our developed method and our Kit in the package.

Amino Acid Kit Derivatization Kit Amino Acid Kit Derivatization Kit Amino Acid Kit Derivatization Kit

Derivatization kit consists of fluorescence compound (AQC) tested by NMR, a diluent for preparation of AQC, a buffer for sample derivatization and Instruction. (Instruction.pdf)

Convincing example illustrated in the diagram below:


Above chromatogram illustrates the separation of 20 essential amino acids in a standard mixture (upper part) and a sample from barley leaf (lower part)

**If you are interested in our product, we would be pleased to provide you our test kit for a special low price to check the quality of the product by yourself beforehand. We will send you the test kit within 2-3 working days upon your request.