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Hydroponisches cultivation system

We offer a hydroponic cultivation system for growing small plantlets such as Arabidopsis that need to grow under sterile and controlled environmental conditions. The system consists of a piece of stainless-steel wire cloth (125 ╬╝m mesh size) that is fixed between 2 flat rings and held in place by 3 legs, placed in a commercially-available glass jar, and covered by the original glass lid or alternatively by a sheet of sterilized cellophane. Sterilized seeds can be distributed evenly across the mesh piece with the size, which allows root growth and keeps the seeds in place. After few weeks of cultivation, shoot and root tissues can be easily harvested separately for metabolite and/or nutrient measurements without mechanical damage.

*Price for each unit is 25 Euro exclusive of 19 % VAT.

Field of application

  • Cultivation of sterile cultures of Arabidopsis in defined nutrient composition
  • Cultivation in defined physical conditions to minimize the biological variability
  • To address basic and applied scientific questions in the field of plants including molecular biology, physiology and biochemistry for instance, proteomics, HPLC profiling of phenylpropanoid compounds